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Return On Investment

Equipment Details

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Return On Investment

With the introduction of the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness (CVR) Reform Act 2012, it has never been more important to ensure that your fleet complies with all roadworthiness legislation. It is therefore crucial for transport operators to ensure that they are carrying out all the neccessary brake tests and are acting on the results.

The cost to any transport operator of carrying out all of the required brake tests on all of it's vehicles is becoming more and more prohibitive.

  1. Cost of each test being paid to an external test centre
  2. Costs of travelling to and from the test centre
  3. Cost of the vehicle being off road and unavailable for chargeable work

These costs can be eliminated by installing your own brake tester and limiting the time that your vehicles are unavailable for chargeable work.

Also any issues that need to be addressed can be done so immediately and the vehicle can be re-tested without having to travel back again to the test centre after any defect is repaired.

Equipment Details

Equipment Details

Automotive Services are agents for AHS PRUFTECHNIK in Ireland and the UK.

Varioflex On Floor & Mobile - Unload, set-up, test!

Complex foundation work and problems with rented properties are a thing of the past. The AHS Varioflex On-Floor & Mobile can be operated stationary or mobile and is always equipped with technology that fulfills the highest demands.

The height of only 21cm also allows the testing of cars. Many public authorities, forwarders, bus operators, companies with large fleets and military utilities across Europe use the AHS Varioflex On-Floor & Mobile unit due to its easy handling and robust construction. 

To download a copy of the brochure in pdf format please click here.

Equipment Details

  1. Single-piece or two-piece roller bed
  2. Fully-plastic-corundum coated rollers Ø in mm
  3. Rollers at same level
  4. Testing width min./max. in mm
  5. Splash-proof spur gear motors, easy-running
  6. High-performance flat gear motors, specially designed and reinforced
  7. Drive power in kW
  8. 30 m signal cable for connection of roller bed/cabinet
  9. Start on protection against external drive (wrong drive-out during stopped rollers)
  10. Sidewise delayed star/delta activation of the motors
  11. Modern, low-maintenance strain gauge system
  12. Manual operation or automatic mode
  13. Single-wheel mode by cable remote control with deadman switching (20m cable set)
  14. Automatic activation and restart
  15. Automatic switch off, drive-out support, start up-lock up protection


  1. Cabinet with two large analogue scales and automatic switch of measuring range
  2. Four LED indicators for measuring range
  3. Four LED indicators for driving direction
  4. Preparation for reverse mode
  5. Lockable main switch
  6. All indicator lights via LED with very long lifetime
  7. Automatic lamp
  8. Driven-in indicator light for active security control
  9. Visual control via traffic-lights systems
  10. Indicator light for high brake force difference 

Special Locks

  1. Silicon seal (protection against splash water)
  2. Preparation for brake force imbalance display
  3. Preparation for the connection to an AHS-Axle tester AT 5002
  4. Preparation for an axle weighbridge (single-piece roller bed)
  5. Preparation for the integration of a wheel- and axle weighbridge
  6. Preparation for the connection to pressure transmitters (either with hose set or radio-controlled)
  7. Preparation for the integration of an AHS pit safety device
  8. PC interface, network-compatibility


Technical information 306 260
Max. drive overload in kg 16000 16000
Display range in kN 0 – 6/0–30 0 – 8/0–40
Measuring range in kN 0 – 6/0–30 0 – 8/0–40
Testing speed in km/h 2.3 2.3
Operating voltage & protection in V/A 400/63 400/63
Measurement 306 260
Roller bed (L x W x H) in mm 880/4780/210 1000/5000/300
Cabinet (L x H x D) in mm 600/760/210 600/760/210
Weight of roller bed, ramps and cabinet in kg (approx.) 2.500 2.700


Especailly for vehicles with multiple driven axles (rigid point); boogie (free running) roller platform is integrated into the ramp including installtion frame.

There are many accessories available for the Varioflex On-Floor & Mobile. It can be upgraded to a complete test lane with weighbridge, pressure transmitters, pedal force meter, side slip tester and joint play detector.