The "CVRT Test" is the new name for the existing DOE or VTN Test. You can still book your CVR (DOE) test in the usual way by calling 01-6120922 or on-line by clicking here It stands for *"Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test"* and the change in the name is part of the overall Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Reform Act 2012. The ROAD SAFETY AUTHORITY (COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ROADWORTHINESS) ACT 2012 (download the act in pdf format) was signed by the president on 30th May 2012. Read More ››

RSA risk rating system at a glance

The risk rating system is based on a score that the RSA assigns to heavy commercial vehicle owners. It uses a colour-coded scheme, which can be seen when you sign up for HCV login. Green means a minor risk Amber means a moderate risk Red means a serious risk *What does the risk rating mean to me?* The risk rating was put in place to reward companies who keep their vehicles roadworthy, and target those who may put people on Irish roads at risk. Read More ››

ASC diesel injection service

Automotive services now offer a diesel induction cleaning service for our customers. With vehicles doing short journeys it is recommended this be performed every 18,000–24,000miles/ 30‚000–40‚000 km to maintain maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency. For further details please contact Don Manley on 01 612 0922. Read More ››

Vehicle Servicing and Repair

Did you know that Automotive Services has a state of the art workshop located at the back of the test centre? We have the latest equipment and software for the repair of all commercials including small car/vans, mini buses, heavy trucks and PSVs. Our services include: Vehicle service & repair Brake testing Diesel intake and EGR system cleaning Emissions testing Tachograph calibration Speed limiter calibration Plating Declaration of conversions Head light alignment Seatbelt certificates Laser wheel alignment Air conditioning servicing Spare parts   For further information please call 01 612 0922. Read More ››

What you need to know about the CVRT

The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) is for all commercial vehicles, buses with more than eight passenger seats and ambulances. There are two types of commercial vehicle tests, one for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) and one for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs). It is compulsory for all new commercial vehicles to be tested on the anniversary date of first registration, while existing vehicle tests are due on the anniversary of their previous test and annually after that. Read More ››

Declaration of Conversion

To assist our customers with carrying out Declaration of Conversion we have put together some useful information to use as a starting point. Please see our Declaration of Conversion[[sitetree_link id=97]] page for details. Read More ››

New Vehicle History Portal Launched.

Automotive services now offer a vehicle history portal whereby all workshop customers can login to see their complete vehicle service history with costs. Information can be used as proof of compliance during RSA site visits. To learn more about this service please visit http://www. Read More ››

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