RSA risk rating system at a glance

The risk rating system is based on a score that the RSA assigns to heavy commercial vehicle owners. It uses a colour-coded scheme, which can be seen when you sign up for HCV login.

  1. Green means a minor risk
  2. Amber means a moderate risk
  3. Red means a serious risk

What does the risk rating mean to me?

The risk rating was put in place to reward companies who keep their vehicles roadworthy, and target those who may put people on Irish roads at risk.

The risk rating is used by the RSA to decide whose vehicles or premises to inspect. The better your rating, the less frequent the inspections.

How is your risk rating calculated by the RSA?

  1. The results of your annual CVR test – the more you pass, the better your rating.
  2. The results of both on-premise and roadside inspections – an average score for each encounter, so owners are not penalised or advantaged if they happen to have several inspections.
  3. Self-declaration. If you self-declare, the better your rating