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CVRT Test (DOE Test)

Vehicle Repairs

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Spread your costs over the year...

We are offering our customers the opportunity to spread your annual maintenance & testing costs over the year...

This means:

  • no more big bills
  • no hits to your cashflow
  • no nasty surprises

Let us plan and manage your vehicle maintenance and annual CVRT Test (DOE Test) while spreading the cost over the year.

From as little as €1.15 a day

How It Works

We want to make maintaining your vehicle as easy and convenient as possible – which is why we offer you ways to budget for the cost of servicing and testing your vehicle over a period of 12 months.

The Service Plan is designed for you to enjoy worry-free motoring, allowing you to spread the cost of your regular servicing through simple monthly installments, just like household utility bills.

What you get

  1. Annual Vehicle Test
  2. One Major Services
  3. A Diagnostic Health Check
  4. One Safety Inspection
  5. Road Tax Renewal Reminder
  6. Insurance Renewal Reminder
10% discount on all mechanical repairs, brake pads, timing belts and labour associated with fitting them.


Will Automotive Services contact me and schedule important dates such as my annual test?


Will Automotive Services manage your vehicle maintenance planning and contact prior to any key dates.


Will Automotive Services keep important service and maintenance history records?

Yes: our FleetMinder system will record and archive all your important vehicle history increasing the value of your vehicle.

I only have one vehicle, does this offer apply to me?

Yes: This offer applies to all vehicle owners and can be tailored to suit your requirements


It provides an easy and affordable way to budget for your servicing needs and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

To arrange a Plan for your commercial vehicle, please complete our application form, or contact us directly on 01-6120922

We'll even collect and deliver...